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AIR CLEAN DEVISER TAIWAN CORP. is a professional designer and manufacturer of cleanroom-related equipment. Our service includes (1) product and project engineering design and consultation; (2) project planning and management; fabrication and customization of cleanroom equipment and systems. Our customer list includes IC electronics, TFT opto-electronics, universities / educational research institutes, IAQ Environmental industries, auto-packing and material handling equipment, biochemical / biotech , food, optics, medical / pharmaceutical, etc. Credibility, professional, innovation, and quality are what we continually focus. Whatever the need, our customer service and technical personnel work tirelessly with customers to ensure virtually 100% satisfaction on every order.

Cleanroom Storage Cabinets

Since our inception, our company has successfully created a remarkable position as an excellent quality manufacturer of Clean Stocker.
We always keep a close eye on the overall production process ensuring that international norms of manufacturing are ethically followed.

Clean Stocker

Clean Stocker

  • Laminar Flow clean stocker is designed to maintain the cleanliness integrity of clean room garments during storage.

  • It can effectively purge and remove particles such as lint and dust ingress on the clothing fabric.

  • Clean Stocker features a quiet, direct drive, variable- speed blower mounted above a HEPA filter rated 99.99% 0.3um, and delivers a continuous downstream that block the inrush of contaminants into the storage area, as a result, helps garments virtually free of particulates.

  • Clean Stocker is located at the bottom of the storage area and discharges air along with any contaminants that may have entered the stocker.

  • A variety of configurations and materials are available to suit particular application requirements. Such as garment storage only, with adjustable shelves, or stainless steel cabinet without transparent window models.

  • Clean Stockers are perfect for the range of applications include pharmaceutical, chemical biotech, nanotechnology, LCD, Wafer fabrication, Semiconductor, food processing industries, among others.

Features :

Cleanroom garment &
shoes storage cabinet

Cleanroom garment 
storage cabinet

Cleanroom shoes 
storage cabinet

Specification :


Cleanroom garment &
shoes storage cabinet

Cleanroom garment 
storage cabinet

Cleanroom shoes 
storage cabinet


Custom dimensions & sizes are available


1.6t Powder Coating Steel,or 1.5t SUS Stainless Steel

Front door

2t removable anti-static PVC stripe curtain

acrylic door panel or glass

1.6t Powder Coating Steel,
or 1.5t SUS Stainless Steel

Power Supply

AC 1Ø □110V □220V,50/60Hz

※ Customized size and specification are available to meet customer's requirements

Other :

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