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AIR CLEAN DEVISER TAIWAN CORP. is a professional designer and manufacturer of cleanroom-related equipment. Our service includes (1) product and project engineering design and consultation; (2) project planning and management; fabrication and customization of cleanroom equipment and systems. Our customer list includes IC electronics, TFT opto-electronics, universities / educational research institutes, IAQ Environmental industries, auto-packing and material handling equipment, biochemical / biotech , food, optics, medical / pharmaceutical, etc. Credibility, professional, innovation, and quality are what we continually focus. Whatever the need, our customer service and technical personnel work tirelessly with customers to ensure virtually 100% satisfaction on every order.

PTFE Membrane Filters

Our company ensures that our products are in confirmation to the international standards and reasonable price. Teflon (PTFE) is called Polytetrafluoroethylene also is one of our main products .
Teflon (PTFE) is called Polytetrafluoroethylene also

Teflon (PTFE) is called Polytetrafluoroethylene also

Teflon (PTFE) is called Polytetrafluoroethylene also

  • It is having outstanding feature of acid proof (including fluoric acid), alkali proof, and organic matter proof
    characteristics in any adverse circumstances.
  • It can reduce the quantity of waste gas of impurities being released (boron, potassium, xi and so on); and it doesn’t have metal pollutant matters being found also.
  • High Filtration Efficiency and Low Pressure Drop;Filtration efficiency can be not less than 99.99~99.999995%@0.3µm or 0.1µm ~0.2µm.
  • Distinguishing anti-damage characteristics.
  • Reducing the energy consumption.
  • Saving the space and reducing the weight.
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