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AIR CLEAN DEVISER TAIWAN CORP. is a professional designer and manufacturer of cleanroom-related equipment. Our service includes (1) product and project engineering design and consultation; (2) project planning and management; fabrication and customization of cleanroom equipment and systems. Our customer list includes IC electronics, TFT opto-electronics, universities / educational research institutes, IAQ Environmental industries, auto-packing and material handling equipment, biochemical / biotech , food, optics, medical / pharmaceutical, etc. Credibility, professional, innovation, and quality are what we continually focus. Whatever the need, our customer service and technical personnel work tirelessly with customers to ensure virtually 100% satisfaction on every order.

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We are Taiwan's No1. brand in manufacturing Clean Anti-Cross infection Shield FFU hat provides vision based sorting solutions for various applications.
Our company ensures that our products are in confirmation to the international standards and reasonable price.

Clean Anti-Cross infection Shield FFU

Clean Anti-Cross infection Shield FFU

  • It has a very wide variety of applications, such as to be either mono-piece used or multi-pieces combination use to the homes or the office places, being used as an air purification equipment to carry the functions of killing bacteria, odor removal, averting gnats and mosquitoes from infesting, and driving out the mice, etc.

  • Such a FFU shield can be used to meet the requirements of the negative pressure chairs in outpatient department of a hospital or a clinic. And it is used to protect those patients, who wait to see the doctor, from being cross-infected.
  • Features :

    Advanced patent technology of DEVISER product 
    (1)Super Mini Horizontal Laminar Flow Fan Fiter Unit.
    (2)Multi Mediators Internal Air Box Continuous Sterilization Unit.

    • Smog Test For Horizontal Laminar Flow Air Stream.



    Specification :


    Clean Anti-Cross Infection Shield FFU




    Dimension (mm)


    Air Volume (CMM)

    8 /10

    Noise Level (db)


    Power Consumption (W)



    Power Supply (V)

    110V / 60Hz or 220V 50/60Hz

    ◎Specifications shown on this web are subject to change without notice and without incurring liabilty for modification of equipment previously sold.

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