Air Clean Deviser Taiwan Corp.

AIR CLEAN DEVISER TAIWAN CORP. is a professional designer and manufacturer of cleanroom-related equipment. Our service includes (1) product and project engineering design and consultation; (2) project planning and management; fabrication and customization of cleanroom equipment and systems. Our customer list includes IC electronics, TFT opto-electronics, universities / educational research institutes, IAQ Environmental industries, auto-packing and material handling equipment, biochemical / biotech , food, optics, medical / pharmaceutical, etc. Credibility, professional, innovation, and quality are what we continually focus. Whatever the need, our customer service and technical personnel work tirelessly with customers to ensure virtually 100% satisfaction on every order.

Bag-In/Bag-Out Filtration

Air Clean Deviser Taiwan Corp. engage to develop enduring relationships with our customers by providing innovative Bag-in & Bag-out Filter System products supported by the best customer service in the industry. We have adopted the latest techniques in design and manufacturing in order to supply high-quality Bag-in & Bag-out Filter System related products on time anywhere in the world. Our goal is to build a long term relationship as your by providing quality products and service that exceeds your expectations.

Bag-in & Bag-out Filter System

  • Bag-in & Bag-out Filter system provide a wide performance for preventing the workers from bio-hazard organisms and viruses while they are doing the regular HEPA or ULPA filter replacement work.

  • It is the most effective equipment available for any zone, needing a special critical filtration cleanliness level and negative pressure environment.

  • Bag-in & Bag-out Filter system includes pre-filter (and maintenance access door), HEPA or ULPA filter (and maintenance access door), inlet & outlet connecting duct flange unit, frame and mounting bracket.

  • The equipment is full welded with argon welding except maintenance access door. It can be made not only at workshop but on site also.

  • Magnehelic gauge becomes standard for pre-filter, and ULPA or HEPA filter.

At Air Clean Deviser Taiwan Corp., we know Bag-in & Bag-out Filter System and we’ve got the ranges and the prices to suit your needs. No matter you are looking for a manufacturer for new products or new manufacturers for current products, we are willing to provide samples for you to test. We are professional manufacturer of Bag-in & Bag-out Filter System. Our Bag-in & Bag-out Filter System is designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements. If you need any help at choosing the right Bag-in & Bag-out Filter System to match your requirements, we are happy to create a free, detailed system specification and quote tailored to your requirements.