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AIR CLEAN DEVISER TAIWAN CORP. is a professional designer and manufacturer of cleanroom-related equipment. Our service includes (1) product and project engineering design and consultation; (2) project planning and management; fabrication and customization of cleanroom equipment and systems. Our customer list includes IC electronics, TFT opto-electronics, universities / educational research institutes, IAQ Environmental industries, auto-packing and material handling equipment, biochemical / biotech , food, optics, medical / pharmaceutical, etc. Credibility, professional, innovation, and quality are what we continually focus. Whatever the need, our customer service and technical personnel work tirelessly with customers to ensure virtually 100% satisfaction on every order.

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Air Clean Deviser Taiwan Corp.has been specializing in producing Cleanroom Equipment for many years, providing Air Shower, Fan Filter Unit (FFU) and Pass Box with superior quality and competitive price.  Being a customer-oriented company, offering durable Cleaning Equipment is our prime principle, such as Clean Bench, Clean Booth, HEPA Filter, Clean Hand Washer and Bio-Hazard Safety Cabinet.  With years of experiences in producing Cleaning Equipment, superior quality products are guaranteed.  If you are searching for Professional Hand Sterilizer, Clean Room Furniture and Hepa Box Manufacturer, please feel free to contact us.
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Located in Taiwan, AIR CLEAN DEVISER TAIWAN CORP. since 1993, is a cleanroom equipment manufacturer. Our services include Design, Consultation, Project Management and manufacture of the cleanroom equipments & facilities. with our clientele base across the Optoelectronics TFT, Semi-Conductors, Electronics industry, Food, Bio-chemical, Pharmaceutical, Medical, and Laboratory set-up in major Universities & Institutes.

ACDT DEVISER work to build our clean room systems for any clean rooms. Our products go through vigorous testing to ensure the highest durability resulting in long lasting customer satisfaction. We can quickly turn any work space into a high performance clean room. We are eager to supply your clean room ceiling systems needs.

Since 1993, ACDT DEVISER has been providing customers throughout the world with only the highest quality Cleanroom Equipment.View our quality Cleanroom Equipment: HEPA Filter, HEPA Box, Air Shower, FFU(Fan Filter Unit), Pass Box, Damper, Clean Bench, Clean Booth.Call ACDT DEVISER or visit our website today for your quality cleanroom equipment.
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★ Intelligence operation system
★ Disinfection with UV light
★ Timer setting
★ Automatic temperature checking
★ Automatic activate sterilization spray


★ Safe design
It's safe design, as a patented positive pressure technology only allows air to move from inside to outside. Contaminated
air is unable to enter the booth, thus alleviating any exposure risks to medical workers taking samples.
★ Highly Efficient Sample Collection and Testing
It's high sample collection capacity. The booth has two sides,enabling samples to be collected from at least 12 individuals
hourly. In urgent situations, samples can be collected from as many as 240 people within a day, thus making the booth
highly efficient.
★ Energy-Saving and Comfortable Design
The booths conserve energy and are comfortable. Each booth is fitted with an air-conditioner, creating a comfortable
and dry environment 24 hours a day regardless of the season. In addition, smart energy-saving technology means the
power consumption is only 1.0 KW.
★ Ultra-Cleanliness
The booths are independent and ultra-clean. The booths feature a Class 1000 level of cleanliness, which is even higher
than hospital operating rooms, making them among the cleanest testing booths in the world.
★ Quick Assembly
The testing booth features quick assembly. The rapid assembly facilitates speedy deployment of these booths.



Vapor volume adjustable
Alarm for overheated water temperature
Water level gauge

★ Dimension (mm): W323*D450*H366mm
★ Watertank capacity (ml): 16000ml (recommend to fill in 2400ml)
★ Vapor volume (ml/hr): 7000ml/hr
★ Usage time (min): 30 mins
★ Weight (KGS):l Without water: 22KGS (without water)
★ Application field: Airflow observation in process equipment
★ Power supply: AC 110V or 220V 60Hz
★ Accessories (options): Tube diffuser, Extension tube, Single-perforation tube
★ Remarks: After using the device for 15 minutes, turn off the power for 15
★ minutes and wait until the water temperature to cool down
Cleanroom Equipment & Supplies | ACDT DEVISER
With over 20 years in the cleanroom industry has become an industry leader in modular cleanroom design, manufacturing, construction, and installation. ACDT DEVISER offers customizable solutions based on the needs of our clients. We are also proud to introduce Cleanroom Equipment. For more information about our services, please call or visit our website.